This year in math class we had students enrolled in all levels of math, ranging from pre-algebra up through Algebra 2. Students have explored mathematical concepts through the use of hands-on activities, performance tasks, and independent practice. For example, we ventured outside the classroom and incorporated maple sugaring into the curriculum. Students in the Geometry, Algebra, and Science classes combined to use their content skills to create a real-world product.  The students were in charge of collecting data and graphing the humidity and temperature every day to analyze how they affect sap production. Once the sap started flowing each student was assigned a tree to track for the season. Throughout the season we did four syrup cooks and produced about a gallon and a half of syrup. We worked with Syrup by the Sea in Rye, Clippers Farm to School, and a local evaporator builder to learn the process and have a successful 1st season. Connecting the curriculum to the real world is the key to creating lifelong connections. 

Cooking Syrup