Students at Robert J. Lister Academy are engaging with the Common Core National ELA Standards​.  Multiple approaches to the curriculum are offered in order to meet student needs and interests.  Many units are student-driven, some are project-based, and all are developed to incorporate multiple instructions styles and academic levels.  The most successful units of study have included "Introspective Reflection Through the Lens of Poetry Greats", "Social Media, Are You In Control, Or Does It Control You?", "Social Justice, What is Fair?", and "Stories Without Words, How Many Words Is A Picture Worth?".  Each quarter provides opportunity to shift focus, beginning with a focus on Speaking & Listening skills and developing group dynamics, moving to Reading strategies and analysis of the written language, on to our own Writing as an art form and for many purposes, and on to the 'nitty gritty' of Language and how the many rules and standards shape our message.  As students progress through the ELA competencies, and dig into the related benchmarks, they begin to take ownership of their learning process and understand the complexity of communication in it many forms.  Due to the flexible nature of the curriculum, and the desire of the students to find cross-curricular ties, the progression and projection of the material is constantly changing.  Students are looking forward to developing ideas for future units of study. 

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