Our Mission


The Portsmouth School District makes available a free, appropriate public education to all children ages 3 to 21 who have been determined to have a disability. The services provided address each child's identified special education and related service needs. Services and placement within the least restrictive environment are determined in response to the child's unique needs and continue until the student has earned a regular diploma or reaches age 21, whichever occurs first. Students with educational disabilities are defined as those who: * Have one or more educational disability, as defined under Federal and State Regulations, and * Have any unique educational needs which require specially designed instruction and related services.

Study Skills

As students transition to middle school, they are expected to depend less on the teacher to manage their instruction and to put increasing energy into becoming self-managing learners. But students must master essential study and organizational skills before they can function as independent learners. Individuals with strong study and organization skills are able to break class and homework assignments into subtasks and use time efficiently to complete those assignments, save and store graded papers and handouts for later retrieval, regularly review class notes and course readings, and practice effective study techniques. Educators can accelerate the development of students into self-managing learners by explicitly teaching and evaluating study and organization skills and by delivering structured lessons that students can easily follow and capture in notes.

Assisted study hall is not a place to solely finish homework.  It is designed to allow educators the time to teach or reinforce academic skills (math, reading, writing). It is often recommended by teachers for students who need organizational help, re-teaching in the content areas, and assistance on long term assignments.