Portsmouth Early Education Program



The Portsmouth Early Education Program (PEEP) supports diverse learners
including students who are typically developing and children with educational
disabilities.The classroom offers a child-led learning approach with diverse, sensory,
language rich opportunities. While exploring learning themes using blocks,
manipulatives, arts and crafts, outside exploration and creative play, students gain
kindergarten readiness skills through developmentally appropriate activities.
The purpose of the Portsmouth Public Schools is to educate all students by
challenging them to become thinking, responsible, contributing citizens who continue to
learn throughout their lives.
At PEEP we believe that this happens through:

● Fostering community values of kindness, consideration, and respect

● Encouraging risk taking, challenges and striving for excellence

● Nurturing growth and celebrating learning

● Being mindful of balance

● Recognizing the need for developmentally appropriate tools, play, and
approaches to problem solving

● Acknowledging the importance of relationships and connections

We strive to create a respectful and compassionate learning community where all
students are empowered to realize their potential in a challenging and supportive