COVID Response Task Force Blue Ribbon Committee

The City Council voted on June 6, 2022 to establish the COVID Response Task Force Blue Ribbon Committee for six months to evaluate challenges and identify low-cost, high-impact recovery solutions that use ARPA monies. The CRTF will be composed of Citizens of Portsmouth, local Non-Profit Representatives, and the City Manager as an ex-officio member who can incorporate city staff and resources.

The initial objective of the CRTF is to meet, discuss, and survey the needs of the community and incorporate their finds into a recovery plan. The CRTF will be fashioned so that input from residents is well defined and simple to do with public meetings in various locations and times throughout the city. There would also be a dedicated webpage on the city site that outlines the proceedings and has a contact button for residents to make recommendations and suggestions.

Please provide comments, suggestions and recommendations using this online feedback form.

The CRTF will allow the City of Portsmouth to “build a strong, resilient, and equitable recovery by making investments that support long-term growth and opportunity.”