For General Zoning Information

Contact the Planning Department at (603) 610–7216

Zoning Enforcement Contact

Jason Page

Jason Page

Code Enforcement Officer
(603) 610-7279

How do you contact the Zoning Officer?

There are several ways to register your concern with the City.

  1. Write to Zoning Officer, City of Portsmouth, 1 Junkins Ave. Portsmouth, NH 03801.
  2. Come visit me in the Legal Department at the City Hall, (call first to make sure I'll be there)
  3. Call with your concern 610-7279. If I am not in leave a voice mail message with your name and telephone number. I will call you back as soon as possible.


What do you need to know?

If you have a Zoning Ordinance concern please include;

  1. The property address
  2. A brief description of the property. (red brick building, blue Victorian etc.)
  3. What you believe to be non-compliant, and as much information that relates to your concern.
  4. How you can be contacted if more information is needed.

What happens after You Contact the Zoning Officer?
Once you have relayed your concern to this office, the wheels are set into motion to investigate and if necessary, take action to resolve the concern. Please do not call other departments with the same concern, that will bring confusion, waste resources, and slow the whole process. While most concerns become compliant quickly, others may require litigation from the courts and that takes a little longer, please be patient!