3D visual model of McIntyre Project to be shared at March 5th public meeting

March 5, 2019

Following the City Council’s Public Hearing on the McIntyre Project on January 7th, City staff and the Redgate-Kane team will be reconvening with the public in Council Chambers on Tuesday, March 5th at 6:30 p.m. to reveal a 3D visual model of the project.

Attendees will be able to experience the proposed development drawn to scale and better visualize what the future of the McIntyre site can be. Following a presentation, the meeting will break out into listening sessions so people have the opportunity to directly ask questions to City staff and the development team in a smaller setting.

The Redgate-Kane team has been working with the community, the City and stakeholders over the past year to put forth a mixed-use proposal for the McIntyre site that also meets National Park Service requirements. As the City Council continues to evaluate the proposal, the team has taken the January 7th input into consideration and produced a 3D model to help the community further understand the parameters of the Historic Monument Program and added vitality that can be introduced to this site; actions and decisions by the City Council, including an analysis of a financial plan, will occur at a later date(s).

For information about the McIntyre Project, the community is encouraged to visit the project website and view the draft application to the Historic Monument Program here.

McIntyre Federal Building 3D visual example