Temporary Event Food Permits

Temporary Event Food Permits are only available to vendors for events that are scheduled and have an Event Coordinator who assumes overall responsibility for the Event.

Event Coordinators must submit a completed Temporary Event Coordinator Application to the Health Department no later than one month prior to the date of the event. This application is NOT an event permit. 

Event Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that any participating vendors complete the appropriate paperwork for their events.

  • Every food vendor must complete the Temporary Food permit application, even those vendors who hold valid Food Permits with the City of Portsmouth.
  • Out of town food vendors must also provide a copy of their current Food Permit (issued from their local licensing authority) and a copy of their last inspection report.
  • Food vendors who do not own their own restaurant are required to fill out a Commissary Agreement form and provide a copy of the current Food Permit and inspection report issued for their Commissary as well.
  • Checks for the appropriate permit fees must be made out to the City of Portsmouth and must be included with the application packet. No checks or applications will be accepted in the field.

All of this information should be collected by the Event Coordinator and submitted to the Health Department as one packet no later than two weeks prior to the date of your Event.

Individual vendors may not submit their applications and supporting paperwork to the Health Department themselves. Only applications that have been submitted through the Event Coordinator will be accepted.

Temporary Event Food Permits will be issued on-site at the Pre-opening Inspection. See the section on Pre-Operational Guidance for additional information.

Application Fees:

  • $100 application fee per Temporary Event - due when Temporary Event Coordinator application is submitted (one month prior to the event)
  • $200 Fundraiser application fee - only for non-profit events - 100% of food and proceeds from food sales donated to organization for which event is being held - due when Temporary Event Coordinator application is submitted (one month prior to event)
  • $125 Temporary Food Permit fee - per vendor application 


NOTE: If you are currently licensed with the City of Portsmouth as a year round Mobile Vendor and will be vending from that mobile for an event, you do not need an additional license. Please note obtaining a Mobile permit is a separate licensing process. Please call the Health Department at 610-7238 if you are interested in applying for a Mobile permit.