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Prescott Park

Prescott Park was created and has been maintained by the terms of the last will and testament of Josie F. Prescott, a life long resident of the City of Portsmouth. It was her wish that a public park, free and accessible to all, be established along the Portsmouth waterfront replacing what had become a run down industrial area of Portsmouth. The land to be acquired was designated to be along the Piscataqua River between lower State Street and Pickering Street. Once acquired the land was to be given to the City for the use as a public park. The remainder of the funds, first in a private trust and later in a public trust, have been dedicated to the purpose of preserving and caring for the park in perpetuity.

Today, the results of Josie Prescott's wishes are abundantly evident. Stretching along the Piscataqua River from lower State Street to Mechanic Street are over ten acres of flower gardens, walkways, seating, docking and grass areas all designed for public use and recreation. In the summer a "trial garden" is planted with over 500 flower varieties. There is a "formal garden" featuring trees and the sense of a park-within-a-park. In addition there are fountains, tree lined walkways, a flower wall and a separate rose garden for the public to view. Also, during the summer months, Prescott Park plays hosts to a juried art show co-sponsored with the New Hampshire Art Association, and the Prescott park Arts Festival.

 Prescott Park, Marcy Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801, Phone: (603) 431-8748