Research Databases


Brainpop explores different subject areas with animations and small clips featuring Tim and Moby.  The interactive quizzes are helpful for understanding the most important parts of the video.
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EBSCO host

EBSCO databases will allow you to search encyclopedias, newspapers, magazine articles, health resources, and more!

Ebsco Username: portsmouthm
Password: 03801

World Geography and Culture

From population to GDP, flags to maps, World Geography and Culture online is a great resource to learning more about countries and cultures around the world.
Username: pmslibrary
​Password: clippers

Opposing Viewpoints

Understanding both sides of an issue plays a large role in 8th grade research papers.  Research both sides of topics at Opposing Viewpoints.
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For help creating citations go to

  • EasyBib's citation maker allows you to choose what type of source you want to cite.
  • As the citation is generated it asks you to consider how reliable your source is by asking questions about it.
  • It might present you with a form to fill in missing information.
  • With the final step it presents you with a citation you can copy and paste into your works cited.

Citing Images:

  • Use Creative Commons to search for images that are copyright-friendly
  • If you insert an image in a Google Doc from Google Images, click the preview button to see the original page the image came from so you can copy and paste your source either directly under the image or in your works cited.

Citing Databases

  • Most of the databases provide you with a citation at the end of the article. Look for links for the citation you need so you can copy and paste it into your works cited page.