Student Services:

How parent's can help in the early years:

Birth Through the Primary Grades

Your role in supporting your child's aspirations can start very early in life, as early as birth.  Try to set time aside each day, perhaps bedtime, to read aloud to your child.  Nightly rituals, such as this, will enhance your child's reading and love for reading.  Learning to read and comprehension of what is read is the underpinning of all other future learning.

  • Surround your child with reading materials.  
  • Praise attempts to read and, once they are able to read for themselves, encourage them to read for enjoyment as well as information. 
  • Discuss what is being read.  Relate the stories to things that are occurring in your child's life.  
  • Limit time spent watching television and monitor what your child watches.
  • Give your child opportunities to express their creativity in writing, singing, cooking dressing, and any other ways.