Portsmouth Water Division Releases Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports

May 22, 2020

Each year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires community water systems to deliver a Consumer Confidence Report – also known as an Annual Drinking Water Quality Report – to their customers. These reports, which are mailed out to water customers by July 1st, provide information about their drinking water quality from the previous year of sampling including a summary of detected contaminants, compliance, and educational information. This is the fourth year the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is separated into three separate Quality Reports that are tailored specifically to each of the Portsmouth, Pease Tradeport and the New Castle systems.

“It is very important for our customers to understand the quality of our drinking water and the extent that it is monitored for compliance,” said Deputy Director of Public Works, Brian Goetz. “Our staff continues to revise these reports based on customer feedback and regulatory requirements in order to best communicate the water quality of the drinking water systems that the City manages. There are specific sections dedicated to the ongoing monitoring of PFAS compounds in our supply sources as well as information about system upgrades recently implemented to improve water quality."

The Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports can be found under the Water section of the City of Portsmouth website www.cityofportsmouth.com/publicworks/water/drinking-water-quality.  Questions can be directed to Al Pratt, Water Supply Operations Manager at 603-520-0622.

Annual Water Quality Reports