July’s Water Supply Status Report advises reduced water use to avoid future mandatory restrictions

July 2, 2018

The Portsmouth Water Division has released their monthly Water Supply Status Report for July. According to the latest report, there are no water use restrictions at this time; however, due to the below normal precipitation pattern and high water demand, Portsmouth water customers are encouraged to:

  • minimize landscape watering and the use of water for other outdoor purposes such as car washing; and
  • limit irrigation water use to only occur between the hours of 10PM and 5AM to reduce evaporative losses.

As the accompanying information in July's report shows, the recent weather conditions have been very dry. This has caused lower than normal stream flows and recharge to our water supplies. If dry conditions persist, mandatory restrictions on non-essential water use may be required; they could include odd/even or two-days/week watering schedules. Please click here for the full report and additional information.

Bellamy Reservoir