Water Supply Status Report September 1, 2021

September 1, 2021

The City of Portsmouth Water and Planning Departments have joined Strawbery Banke to create a major new exhibit, funded in part by the Roger A. and Theresa S. Thompson Foundation. “Water Has a Memory: Preserving Strawbery Banke and Portsmouth from Sea Level Rise” is a major contribution to the effort to educate the public about the damage already being done to the historic landscapes of the Northeast – specifically the Seacoast – from the consequences of sea level rise. The new exhibits tells that story over time, introduces the City’s “Think Blue” suggestions for ways individuals can make a difference in mitigating the effects, including water efficiency measures they can take.

Water operations staff are continuously assessing our supply conditions and will provide additional updates as needed. Please check our City’s website for the latest Water Supply Status Report: