Water Supply Status Report June 7, 2021

June 7, 2021

Voluntary Water Restrictions Implemented - The Seacoast area of New Hampshire is currently in Stage 1 of drought conditions with abnormally dry conditions. The current hot and dry weather is also increasing water supply demands. Therefore, the City of Portsmouth and Pease International Tradeport water systems are asking customers to voluntarily conserve water. If dry conditions persist, mandatory restrictions on non-essential water use may be required. They could include odd/even watering schedules. The following summary provides more detail.

The City of Portsmouth’s Water/Stormwater Division encourages residents to “Think Blue” and consider some of these water-saving measures you can practice at home:  www.cityofportsmouth.com/publicworks/water/water-efficiency-information

Other water efficiency tips can be found on the UNH Cooperative Extension and New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services websites at:  https://extension.unh.edu/blog/water-conservation-fundamentals-gardening-and-landscaping  and  https://www.des.nh.gov/climate-and-sustainability/conservation-mitigation-and-restoration/water-conservation

Water operations staff are continuously assessing our supply conditions and will provide additional updates as needed. Please check our City’s website for the latest Water Supply Status Report:  www.cityofportsmouth.com/publicworks/water/supply-status

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