Portsmouth DPW Encourages Residents to Review Snow Storm Notifications and Information

January 5, 2018

The Department of Public Works’ Snow Related Impacts webpage contains all relevant information snow emergency and parking ban announcements. This site is designed to be a one-stop place for all activities that a winter storm can influence, including parking ban status, available off street parking areas during announced bans, school closures, trash collection impacts, and sign-up options for the City’s text and email notification system.

The City announces snow parking bans and emergencies through the following avenues:

During a citywide parking ban, residents can park in the High-Hanover Parking Facility for only $3 during snow emergencies and snow removals. This rate applies once an advanced warning has been announced, and up until two hours a parking ban’s conclusion. Residents must simply show a valid driver's license or vehicle registration with a Portsmouth address to the booth attendant when exiting the garage.

The City also makes eight parking lots available for parking during snowstorms, indicated on the website (also shown below). Our map is meant to delineate between the Downtown District (displayed in yellow) and the rest of Portsmouth. Sometimes when a parking ban is announced, exceptions such as parking ban timeframes are made to the Downtown District to better accommodate businesses. Therefore, when a parking ban is declared, that means that there should be no cars on the street citywide (beyond the red displayed on our map), or they will be towed; the Downtown District may just have a later start time on their parking ban.

Snow Ban Off Street Parking Areas
Special exceptions to the parking ban may apply to the Downtown District (yellow marking), while the general parking ban applies to the whole city (marked in red and beyond).