NHDES Installs Temporary Air Quality Monitoring Devices Near Railyard

December 17, 2021

The City of Portsmouth has authorized the NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) to place temporary air quality monitoring devices in locations surrounding the Foundry Place Garage. The air quality study was authorized by NHDES in response to City concerns regarding air quality complaints from the neighborhood and residents’ reports of emissions from locomotives in the railyard.

There are currently three monitors collecting data. One monitor is located on Langdon Street near the railyard on property of Regan Electric. The second is located on the corner of Maplewood Avenue adjacent to North Cemetery. The third monitor is positioned at the tennis courts near South Mill Pond to collect background levels for comparison. The monitoring devices are all placed on above-ground stations and required no digging for installation. They will remain in place through February, collecting several months of data for analysis by NHDES.

Real-time data from these monitors is being reported online at: https://map.purpleair.com Those interested in viewing reports should click on any of the three yellow circles on the map at “Portsmouth.”


NHDES air quality monitoring station