DPW Water Dept. Announces Hydrant Flushing Operations

September 21, 2020

The Portsmouth DPW Water Division begins the routine flushing of the City’s fire hydrants and water mains on Monday, September 21. Flushing is scheduled between 7 pm and 11 pm, Monday through Thursday for the next six weeks. The flushing operation covers both public and private hydrants in Portsmouth, New Castle, Rye, Greenland and Newington. Crews open select fire hydrants, releasing water with enough velocity to carry sediment out of the pipes.

Residents are advised that when the Water Division trucks with flashing lights are working in a neighborhood, they should refrain from washing laundry to avoid any potential discoloration of clothing. While flushing can result in discolorations to tap water, the water remains safe to drink. When flushing is finished, water customers should run cold water to clear any discolored water in their plumbing systems. If the discoloration persists, customers should contact the Water Division though the Click ‘n Fix system to ensure prompt response.

The Water Division conducts the flushing program twice a year to remove sediment buildup, which is critical for maintaining water quality throughout the distribution system. Given the current drought conditions, flushing will be minimized and focused on areas with the greatest need for managing water quality.