Department of Public Works Moves Forward on Lang-Longmeadow Road Connector With Service Credit Union Easements

April 1, 2021

Based on a road safety audit in 2016 by NHDOT and the City of Portsmouth, the Department of Public Works is moving forward, in partnership with the State of New Hampshire, on a plan to reroute traffic along Lang Road with the addition of a connector road to Longmeadow Road, behind Service Credit Union. In its current configuration, it is not possible to signalize the intersection of Lang and Lafayette Roads due to the proximity of Suzanne Drive and other commercial driveways. Because most traffic turning left onto Lafayette Road from Lang Road immediately turns right onto Ocean Road to continue westbound, the lane-crossing flow has caused a number of collisions and placed extra demands on emergency services. The new roadway leading to a signalized intersection will be much safer for drivers on both Lang and Lafayette Roads. 

DPW has developed a plan to build a connector road between Lang and Longmeadow, behind the Service Credit Union building.  Using this new road, traffic from Lang Road can take the connector to Longmeadow Road and cross Lafayette Road at the Longmeadow signalized intersection.  From there, traffic can continue onto Ocean Road or turn left to proceed south on Lafayette Road. Traffic intending to take Lafayette Road north toward downtown Portsmouth will be able to continue down Lang Road and take a right onto Lafayette, as they do today. 

At their March 15 meeting the City Council approved easements donated by Service Credit Union for the land needed for the connector road and its associated drainage.

“This project was funded in a past Capital Improvement Plan in the amount of the required local matching funds; but the State, through a Federal Grant, is providing up to 90 percent of the needed funding for the construction. The City thanks Service Credit Union for their donation of the land to make this road possible,” said City Manager Karen Conard.

For a drawing of the new road configuration, click here.

Lang-Longmeadow Connector