Portsmouth Parking Division concludes its pilot program with Passport Parking mobile payment services

July 19, 2018

In 2016, the City of Portsmouth engaged in a pilot program to test the effectiveness of Passport Parking’s mobile parking payment application in the City’s Bridge Street and Worth parking lots. With mobile payment applications, users register to pay for parking, monitor their session and extend time remotely (up to the maximum allotted time) all through their smartphone. When properly functioning, the Passport Pilot program offered features and convenience that garnered positive feedback from the public.

As the pilot program has expired, the test application is no longer supported by Passport, and users are notified to uninstall and discontinue the use of the Passport application to pay for parking at Bridge and Worth. Continued use of the Passport application will not forward payments to the Parking Enforcement Officers, resulting in citations.

Given the success of this limited pilot effort, the City of Portsmouth Parking Division is now moving forward with engaging a preferred vendor to provide a city-wide mobile payment solution for on and off street parking options.

Bridge Street Lot