Hanover Garage monthly pass holders can now apply for future transfer to Foundry Garage

July 2, 2018

The Foundry Place Garage on Deer Street is scheduled to open in October 2018. In addition to lower hourly rates, the monthly pass holder rates at Foundry Place will be a reduced cost of $100 for City of Portsmouth residents, and $125 for non-residents.

For a resident monthly parker considering a move from Hanover to Foundry Place, this rate represents a savings of $900 annually. The Parking Clerk’s Office is creating a list of Hanover monthly parkers who are interested in switching to Foundry Place when it opens. If interested, pass holders must contact the Parking Clerk’s office in person or by telephone at 603-610-7229 to have your name and contact information added.

Foundry Place Garage Rendering