City issues Water Supply Status Report for 2019

January 24, 2020

The City’s Department of Public Works has published its annual Portsmouth and Pease International Tradeport Supply Status Report for 2019. The report provides a summary of the water system operations for the Portsmouth and Pease International Tradeport drinking water systems.

Click here for the full report on the City’s website.

Highlights from 2019 for both water systems include:

•    The Portsmouth and Pease drinking water systems had no drinking water quality violations in 2019.
•    Water production was the lowest it has been in 33 years due to success in tracking, locating and fixing leaks throughout both water systems.
•    Groundwater capacity in active wells is better than normal due to the optimization of the various sources of supply to the system.
•    Average daily residential water use is down 22% since 2010.
•    Construction of a new water filtration system to treat PFAS contamination in the Pease wells continues.

Water supplied to Portsmouth water system customers comes from a combination of surface water and groundwater sources. The surface water supply is the Bellamy Reservoir, which is located in Madbury and Dover. Water supplied to Pease Tradeport water system customers comes primarily from the groundwater wells located on the Tradeport (Harrison Well and Smith Well). The Portsmouth water system supplies water to the Pease Tradeport water system, as needed.