Kearsarge Way & Market Street Bridge Repair Project

This project was comprised of rehabilitative measures to two City bridges which had been identified, planned and funded through the City's Bridge Capital Improvement Program. 

This project is substantially complete.

See the video presentation below for details on the project.The public was invited to submit questions or comments on the presentation in April 2020 but no questions were received.

Kearsarge Way Bridge over Pan Am Railways (heading into the Atlantic Heights)

Kearsarge Way Bridge

The Work

  • repairs to the concrete bridge deck
  • installation of a new barrier membrane
  • replacement of the expansion joint
  • substructure concrete repairs
  • hot bituminous paving


  • Work will take place Monday through Friday, between the hours of 7 AM and 6 PM.
  • Repairs to the Kearsarge Way Bridge are anticipated to be completed by mid-November.

Traffic Impacts

The Kearsarge Way Bridge will be reduced to a single lane of alternating traffic, controlled by temporary traffic signals on each side of the bridge.  These measures will go into place sometime on or after May 4.  They will remain in effect 24/7, for the duration of the project.  Bicycle and pedestrian traffic will be maintained at all times.

Market Street Bridge over the North Mill Pond Tidal Basin (near Noble's Island)

Market Street Bridge

The Work

  • replacement of the expansion joint system
  • replacement of the bridge approach rail


  • Work took place Monday through Friday, between the hours of 7 AM and 6 PM.
  • Repairs to the Market Street Bridge were completed in Fall 2020..