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Prescott Park is available for weddings for both residents and non-residents of the City. Various locations for weddings are available in the City’s 10-acre Prescott Park, an invaluable green space that serves as the primary waterfront access in the downtown for many residents, visitors and park neighbors. Rules and regulations have been designed to ensure weddings are special and successful for couples and their guests as well complement the Park atmosphere, protect the Parks grounds and features, and allow for simultaneous use of the Park by the public. Adherence to these rules and regulations will help ensure all members of the public can enjoy this very special place at all times.

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Rules and Regulations for Weddings in Prescott Park


Weddings may be held in Prescott Park subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Individuals desiring to conduct weddings at Prescott Park must secure written approval at least seven days in advance of the wedding.  The process of seeking approval begins through the use of the online form below.  Prior to any location in the park being reserved for a wedding, payment of the wedding reservation fee established by this policy must be made in advance by check payable to the "City of Portsmouth". No wedding may be held in Prescott Park unless a reservation to conduct a wedding has been approved by the Park superintendent for weddings which include less than 75 participants or by the City Manager's Office for weddings which include more than 75 participants.
  2. The Park Superintendent or the City Manager's Office in the appropriate case, may also establish, the location of the wedding and the numbers and placement of any chairs or other items of personal property associated with the wedding. This authority extends to the specification of the time when the wedding may occur and the time when chairs and other property may be placed in the park and must be removed from the park.
  3. Notes on scheduling: Prescott Park is a vibrant and active public space, with many informal and formal events, both large and small.  Wedding couples are advised to be mindful of sounds, crowds, and other park related activities that may take place before, after or during scheduled weddings.  In particular, couples may wish to consult the local events calendar, including the Prescott Park Arts Festival season schedule to learn more about events going on in the Park.  Examples of events to be aware of might be Market Square Day (typically, second Saturday in June); the Chowder Festival (typically, first Saturday in June), and sound checks and other preparations for Arts Festival program such as concerts and plays.  
  4. Notwithstanding the foregoing,the following restrictions apply to every wedding which might be held in the Park: 
    1. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the Park at any time for any reason. 
    2. The throwing of rice or other materials is prohibited. 
    3. Under no circumstances shall tents, chairs, furniture or other Items of personal property be placed in the formal garden area and/or trial garden area. 
    4. Weddings shall not take place on the stage or in the lawn areas surrounding the stage. 
    5. No signs, banners or electrical sound amplification are allowed. 
    6. Chairs for guests may be set up behind the Player's Ring Only.
    7. No wedding may include more than 75 persons in total unless the time, date and location of that wedding have been approved in advance by vote of the City Manager's Office.

Wedding Reservation Fee


The wedding reservation fee shall be as follows:

  1. $150 Weddings which include 1 - 10 participants in total
  2. $375 Weddings which include more than 10 but less than 75 participants in total.
  3. $750 Weddings which include more than 74 participants in total.

The wedding reservation fee shall be waived when either one of the persons being married is a Portsmouth resident. 

The wedding reservation fee shall be refunded in the event that the wedding cannot be held in Prescott Park due to inclement weather. 

Please mail check for the appropriate amount payable to Prescott Park. You will receive confirmation of your planned wedding date as soon as your check is received. If we have not received your registration fee within 35 days of receipt of this registration from your scheduled wedding date will not be reserved. 

Prescott Park Wedding Registration Form


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