Air Show Parking Restrictions

September 7, 2021

Effective Thursday, September 9th, parking restrictions will be in place along Grafton Drive in Portsmouth for the Thunder Over New Hampshire Air Show.

          Parking, standing or idling vehicles (including mopeds, scooters and motorcycles) are prohibited the entire length of Grafton Drive from Route 33 to Corporate Drive. Vehicles are also prohibited from parking along Route 33 or Route 95 in both directions. The Portsmouth Police Department along with New Hampshire State Police will be closely monitoring these areas and will tow vehicles in violation. The viewing area typically open to vehicles along the fence line on Grafton Drive will be closed.    

          It is widely known there are many large parking lots on the Pease Tradeport. Please keep in mind these parking lots belong to private businesses. Parking in any of these lots is not permitted unless expressed approval from the business is granted. Private businesses reserve the right to tow any vehicles from their parking lots.

Thunder Over NH