Frank Warchol

Captain of Operations

The Captain of Operations has the primary responsibility of overseeing the three Lieutenants who head up the department’s major operational areas: Patrol, Investigations, and Operations Support. The captain also manages the day-to-day activity of the department.

In addition, the Captain is tasked with organizing the law enforcement footprint for Portsmouth’s more than 100 scheduled city events over the course of a year. Portsmouth is a ‘destination city’, resulting in influx populations that can top 100k people at some events. This dynamic creates policing challenges in providing public safety.

The captain sits on public and city boards and committees, and fosters city and community partnerships, which are an integral part of proactive policing. Some of these commitments include: The Liquor Review Committee, Traffic and Safety Committee, Child Advocacy Board, and the Construction Mitigation Committee. Law enforcement plays an integral part in much of what happens in the city.

From construction projects to events, some type of law enforcement input is often required. It may be just insuring an informed flow of information into the department so officers and civilian staff can do their jobs.

Administrative Services also falls under this position as well, which includes finance, facilities and fleet functions.