City to Start Reviewing Applications for Outdoor Cafes Starting February 1

January 29, 2021

The City has announced that staff will start reviewing and renewing applications for the 2021 outdoor dining season starting Monday, February 1st. Establishments that received approval for the 2020 season will be contacted by the City directly to renew their license for the upcoming season. Businesses that did not operate an outdoor cafe on public property in 2020 can apply for approval by submitting an application through the City's online permitting portal. More information about standards and guidance on application submissions are available on the City's web page. Once an application is approved, the season start for use of public sidewalks will be March 1, any uses of public streets will start April 1.

Anyone who is opening a new restaurant, is an existing restaurant that is expanding or adding an outdoor area on private property, or if you are seeking to place tables, chairs, or signage on a public sidewalk with no food or alcohol service, please click here for more information.

Any questions about the 2021 outdoor dining seasons can be directed to the Planning Department at (603) 610-7216 or

Black Trumpet sidewalk cafe