Redgate/Kane Development Team to update Portsmouth City Council on McIntyre Project on December 17th

December 17, 2018

The Redgate/Kane development team, who is partnering with the City of Portsmouth to re-develop the Thomas J. McIntyre Federal Building site, will present the City Council on Monday night with a comprehensive vision and development plan that was created following a series of public meetings and conversations with key stakeholders.

The development team’s presentation – scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Monday, December 17th in the Council Chambers at Portsmouth City Hall - will feature a briefing on the public-private partnership between the City and Redgate/Kane, an overview of the land use approvals process and agreements, and a discussion of the National Park Service’s Historic Monument Program Financial Plan for the development.

Portsmouth citizens, business and civic leaders and other stakeholders have contributed significantly to the vision and design of the McIntyre project – helping identify and prioritize key features and amenities that are considered important in the redevelopment.

“The McIntyre Project is a tremendous opportunity to transform this site into a vibrant space with state-of-the-art amenities, ample open space and new community gathering places,” said Michael Kane of the Kane Company. “We’ve received valuable input and feedback over the past 11 months, and we’re very excited about where this process has taken us.”

The presentation to the City Council will explain the unique public-private partnership between the Redgate/Kane development team and the City of Portsmouth, who is looking to acquire the site through the Historic Monument Program.

“Monday evening is an important opportunity for us to demonstrate how this plan – greatly informed and shaped by the community process – will come to life through this dynamic partnership,” said Steve Perdue of Redgate. “We’re excited to show how the final proposal will meet National Park Service requirements, achieve the priorities expressed by residents and the community, and be financially sustainable over the long term.”

The development team’s presentation to the Council will also discuss the Historic Monument Program and highlight financials associated with the various components of the updated project including:

  • a space for the U.S. Postal Service office as a featured element of the project’s retail program;
  • vibrant public realm space including a large central plaza and surrounding green areas;
  • four-season indoor community space for public gatherings; and
  • retail spaces that could include needed downtown services such as a large fitness center, urban grocer, brewery/roastery, etc.

The Redgate/Kane development team will also provide a project timeline update. The review of the final application to the Historic Monument program to transfer the property to the City will continue through January 2019. Once submitted by the City Council, The National Park Service and General Services Administration will review the application. If approved, it is anticipated that the project will be under construction in the summer/fall of 2019, and completed by 2021.

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Rendering of McIntyre Project