Suggest a Program or Exhibit

Art Exhibits

Exhibit and display space in the Portsmouth Public Library is used to highlight Library collections, services, and events.

As scheduling permits, the Library also makes available space for groups, organizations, or individuals to exhibit in the library. Space is provided for educational, cultural, civic, or recreational exhibits with the following goals:

  • To broaden horizons by presenting a wide range of art, collections, or displays
  • To support community educational, cultural and artistic activities
  • To nourish intellectual, aesthetic and creative growth

Visiting exhibits are on display for one month, but shorter time periods can be arranged if space permits. To discuss an educational, cultural, civic or recreational exhibit contact Nicole Cloutier at (603) 766-1725 or

You can download the library's exhibit policy here.

You can fill out a display application here or download the application here.


Present a Program

Portsmouth Public Library is committed to excellence in our programming. We aim to plan events at least three months in advance, and we give careful attention to balancing across many formats, topics and audiences. We work within the constraints of staff time, space, and budget, and therefore cannot say yes to every proposed program. We have a monthly Programming Committee which helps to make these decisions. 

If you wish to present a program at the Portsmouth Public Library, please fill out the form below.

We will contact you if we feel your program is the right fit for the library.

If you have any questions, or would like to simply suggest a program, please email Laura Horwood-Benton, Programming & Community Relations Librarian.