Self Care: Is Stress Leading Your Life? Wednesday April 17

March 19, 2019

Self Care: Is Stress Leading Your Life?
Wednesday April 17
7 – 8:30 PM

Join us for the next in our ongoing Self Care series. These programs are free and open to all!

What would your life look like if you could feel more, do more, contribute more, experience more, and be more? It is through our Nervous System that we are successful in our world. It’s the reason our heart beats, it allows for us to have mental clarity, and it’s how we express emotion in order to create the changes we want in life.

What if instead of just trying to get by, you could take in all of the information coming your way and have strategies to optimize stress? Instead of problems, you now see opportunities. In this presentation you will learn how to "upgrade your human computer" and to take charge of your life not only by trying to “manage stress,” but through learning how you can feel, do, contribute, experience, and be more on less energy. We will cover:

  • the landscape of society & stress, including technology, work and money
  • the effects of stress on the body
  • breathing exercises to help bring awareness to your body and feel more at ease

Dr. Christopher Girdis, Chiropractor at Wellspring Center for Wellbeing, utilizes Network Spinal Analysis to upgrade the Nervous System. Gentle and precise touches to the spine encourage stretching and breathing movements that unwind the fight or flight tension bound in the spinal cord. Through the body's response to these touches, it is able to access the higher part of the brain; the cerebral cortex. This is the region of the brain through which we make choices regarding our behavior and the area through which we can reach a higher level of humanity.

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