Learn to Adult with Money, Wednesdays in May

March 28, 2019

Learn to Adult with Money
Workshop Series
Wednesdays 7 – 8:30 PM
May 1 – May 29

Are you struggling with money? Do you want to know if you’re making the right choices for your future? Do you need help learning about budgeting, investing and debt from someone you can trust?

This spring, Portsmouth Public Library is hosting a five-week series of workshops, Learn to Adult with Money. Open to all, but space is limited. Register for one or multiple workshops below, or call us at 766-1720!

May 1
Banking Basics & Budgeting
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Are you confident that you are handling money well? Join Portsmouth’s Service Credit Union for tips on choosing a banking institution, tracking your money effectively and a fun, interactive session to create a realistic budget to help reach your goals.

May 8
The Sharing Economy
: Time Banks, Clothing Swaps and more!
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Are you lacking in funds? Trying to pay off student loans but still have fun, look good and get things done? Learn about alternatives to spending money with real examples here on the Seacoast; this panel discussion will include information on shared housing, time banks and the library’s Clothing Swap.

May 15
Introduction to Credit & Dealing with Debt

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Frustrated with student loans, credit card debt or a mortgage? Learn how to pay off debt in the most effective way and where to look for safe, confidential help if you need it. Then understand the ins and outs of credit reports and the best ways to use credit, with Service Credit Union.

May 22
Saving and Investing

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What is the difference between saving and investing? What are the common ways to do each? How much is enough? Now that you have a budget and way to deal with debts, learn how to make your money work the way you want it to, in this panel discussion.

May 29
Buying A House (Or Not!)

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Is buying a house or apartment for you? Are you ready now, or down the road? In this panel discussion, learn more about preparing to buy and about a program for people who live or work in Portsmouth, called Portsmouth Hometown Program.

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Learn to Adult with Money