Local History: Greys in the Granite, Tuesday July 23

June 25, 2019

Local History Talk

Greys in the Granite:
New Hampshire’s History of Unidentified Flying Objects

Tuesday July 23 | 7 – 8:30 PM

The library’s Local History series features authors and experts on local history topics. The series will continue with speaker Mike Stevens, who will describe New Hampshire’s long and fascinating past with Unidentified Flying Objects!

Stevens, founder of Granite Sky, will give an otherworldly presentation on some of the Granite State’s interactions with the unknown. From the hidden to the historical, come see what makes New Hampshire stand out in the world of Ufology. Are we alone? Are there Greys in the Granite? Join us for an incredible night to find out…

Mike is a New Hampshire native, born and bred. When not helping others with their experiences, you can often find him in the forests and mountains of the state camping and hiking. Mike hopes to combine his simple New England values with his own experiences to give people a positive new outlook on the phenomena...

Mike is the founder of Granite Sky, an organization dedicated to helping Experiencers deal with the struggles of their encounters. He is also a seasoned paranormal researcher and investigator. He has worked to change the stigma surrounding the abduction phenomena by promoting public awareness of the subject and by encouraging and supporting other experiencers.  He was the initiating force behind the New Hampshire historical marker for Betty and Barney Hill’s UFO encounter. Mike has been interviewed in the past by newspapers, television, and radio about his involvement in the paranormal and UFO communities locally as well as internationally. Mike’s experiences started around the age of three, and have been ongoing ever since. The experiences have come in a variety of forms and demeanor. Dealing with his own experiences has led him to help other experiencers overcome their trauma, as well as his own.

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Greys in the Granite