Film: Miracle on 34th Street, Thursday December 20

August 7, 2018

Films @ the Library
November – December 2018
Portsmouth Public Library Levenson Room

Films at the library are open to the public and FREE. Light refreshments will be served!

Thursday November 1 | 6:30 PM
2018. Rated PG. 96 minutes.
A look at the life and work of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Saving Private Ryan
Thursday November 8 | 6:30 PM

1998. Rated R. 169 minutes.
A realistic re-creation of WWII's D-day invasion and the immediate aftermath. Having previously experienced action in Italy and North Africa, the close-knit squad sets out through areas still thick with Nazis. After they lose one man in a skirmish at a bombed village, some in the group begin to question the logic of losing more lives to save a single soldier.

Crazy Rich Asians
Thursday November 29 | 6:30 PM

2018. Rated PG-13. 120 minutes.
A native New Yorker Rachel Chu accompanies her longtime boyfriend, Nick Young, to his best friend's wedding in Singapore. Excited about visiting Asia for the first time but nervous about meeting Nick's family, Rachel is unprepared to learn that Nick has neglected to mention a few key details about his life. It turns out that he is not only the scion of one of the country's wealthiest families but also one of its most sought-after bachelors.


Die Hard
Thursday December 13 | 6:30 PM

1988. Rated R. 132 minutes.
John McClane, officer of the NYPD, tries to save his wife Holly Gennaro and several others that were taken hostage by German terrorist Hans Gruber during a Christmas party at the Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles.

Miracle on 34th Street
Thursday December 20 | 6:30 PM

1947. Not rated. 96 minutes.
The holiday season is in full swing when a cultured gentleman with twinkling eyes, and ample belly, and a snowy bread is hired as Macy's department store Santa. He claims his name is Kris Kringle, and soon fills everyone with Christmas spirit; except for his boss, Doris Walker, who's raising her daughter to not believe in Santa. But when Kringle is declared insane, and put on trial, everyone's faith is put to the test.

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