Animal Ambassadors: Nature's Janitorial Crew, Tuesday October 16

July 31, 2018

Center for Wildlife presents…
Animal Ambassadors
August – October

Join Center for Wildlife one Tuesday each month to meet their animal ambassadors and learn how to be the best human friend possible to our neighbors in nature! These programs are free, and perfect for adults and teens.

No registration required – but attendees receive a special badge for each program!

Wildlife Rescue 101

Tuesday August 28 | 6 PM
A presentation on how to help injured wildlife. Programming will include how to tell if an animal is truly in need of rescue, safe handling and transport techniques, as well as a list of items to keep in a “Car Care Kit,” to help make rescue safe and smooth for all involved. Members of the wildlife ambassador team will be there to show off their talons, beaks and quills and teach everyone how to stay safe.
Ambassadors you may meet: owl, falcon, opossum, turtle

Natural Neighbors
Tuesday September 18 | 6 PM
Meet some of your wild neighbors up close and in person and learn how to live cohesively, stewarding the environment and habitat that we all share. Participants will learn tips on how to live with local wildlife and humane and ethical ways of dealing with wild neighbors that may not be being neighborly.
Ambassadors you may meet: hawk, falcon, owl, porcupine, opossum, bats, turtle, snake

Nature’s Janitorial Crew
Tuesday October 16 | 6 PM
Some of our wild neighbors have super powers and all of our wild neighbors have important roles in our ecosystems. Come learn about the janitorial and hazmat teams that live in our back yards and the incredibly important roles that they have in keeping our environment, themselves, and us, healthy and happy!
Ambassadors you may meet: turkey vulture, crow, opossum, snake

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Animal Ambassadors