Artist Curated Book Display: Dylan Haigh

April 11, 2018

ACBD: Artist Curated Book Display
Dylan Haigh
May 2019

Ever wonder what inspires and motivates an artist to create? The artist curated book display is an ongoing series at the Portsmouth Public Library in which local artists are invited to exhibit their work alongside a display of ten library items that inspire it. The ACBD is an opportunity for patrons to be introduced to the work of local artists and be reminded that public libraries are a wonderful resource for inspiration.

This month’s artist is Dylan Haigh. Dylan was born and raised in coastal New Hampshire before escaping at 17 to Boston, New York, and finally, North Carolina. He returned home in 2010 to open HAM, a design and branding practice in Portsmouth, NH. As a lament to the art school education he never received, Dylan’s work simply celebrates shape, color, and space. His practice is media agnostic, freewheeling and frenetic, and driven by an insatiable curiosity. He believes that every piece is an education in itself and wants to try everything.

What inspires you?

Dylan Haigh

Dylan Haigh