Residents advised to be vigilant during mosquito season

August 30, 2018

Mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus have been found in parts of New Hampshire, and a recent batch in Kittery, Maine also tested positive. This is not unusual this time of year as the diseases mosquitoes carry have had more time to spread environmentally. Although Portsmouth has a mosquito control program that includes spraying to reduce mosquito populations, the most effective prevention of illness is personal protection. 

There are several different species of mosquitoes in New Hampshire; these include types that bite during both day and night. Take the following steps to protect yourself from mosquito bites: 

  • use insect repellent according to the manufacturers’ instructions;  
  • wear long-sleeved shirts and pants;
  • treat your clothing and gear; and
  • take steps to control mosquitoes indoors and outdoors to avoid unnecessary breeding of mosquitoes on your property.

Consider the use of an effective insect repellentPlease see the CDC link below for further instructions on repellants, particularly regarding repellant use on children.

For further information on personal protection and protecting your property, please visit: