McIntyre Project Subcommittee Plans Final Public Design Review on April 20

April 6, 2021

The McIntyre Subcommittee with assistance from Boston-based urban design firm Principle Group, invite residents to participate in a final round of design review on Tuesday, April 20, 2021 from 6 to 8 pm, via Zoom. The intent of the session is to deliberate on the opportunity for new public space to enjoy at McIntyre. Principle Group will present the final draft McIntyre project sketch, developed using community input gathered over the past four months. The final sketch was modified to reflect the comments and data from the McIntyre public input survey, which was open from March 18 through 31. The McIntyre Final Draft Forum will be interactive, providing ample time for discussion and questions about the design. Advance Zoom registration is required. To register, click here.

In January, the McIntyre Subcommittee enlisted the assistance of Portsmouth Listens to conduct a series of study circles to determine the vision for the space. That process involved 250 residents who met in two, 2-hour sessions and provided the basis for the “Values to Vision to Sketches” presentations, from their 22 sub-groups, on January 20. Since then, Principle Group has conducted two additional public input sessions: a Designer Roundtable on February 11, and a public roundtable discussion on March 18. In the interim, and between March 18 and 31, the public has had access to an interactive online survey tool to review and comment on the sketches. More than 500 people have now participated in the process.

The Zoom session on April 20 will review the final sketch, as adjusted by Principle Group based on public comment. Then the design will be presented to the City Council prior to the start of discussions with Redgate-Kane.  All of the “Values to Visions to Sketches” materials, presentations and the Design Brief can be found on the McIntyre page on the City website.

McIntyre Building