Portsmouth NH 400, Inc. Reveals Anniversary Logo

November 19, 2021

Portsmouth NH 400, Inc. has revealed the logo for the anniversary celebration that will be used to denote official events, projects, programs and merchandise. The logo was designed as a pro-bono donation by Darci Creative of Portsmouth, with input from the Portsmouth NH 400 Executive Team and Task Force Management Team.

The logo incorporates the dates 1623-2023 and the words “Portsmouth NH” -- to differentiate the city from many other “Portsmouths” in the US and England. The contemporary typeface is presented in strong shades of blue, reflecting the ocean. The design element that immediately identifies the logo as Portsmouth NH is the silhouette of a lighthouse – Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, specifically – as Portsmouth is surrounded by three lighthouses that welcome residents returning home, and visitors from around the globe, to Portsmouth NH.

Why a lighthouse?

According to Marketing Committee member Trevor Bartlett, “Portsmouth NH 400 chose a lighthouse because lighthouses invite, protect, and enlighten; three goals we plan to achieve as we celebrate our city’s 400th year here on the NH Seacoast. In addition, Portsmouth’s lighthouses serve Greater Portsmouth, a region that is bigger than the geographical borders of the city and make the seacoast the unique place it is. We wanted to choose a symbol that reflects our mission of openness and inclusivity. The lighthouse is also a beacon, a symbol of welcome and safe harbor. That’s what we want the Portsmouth NH 400 celebration to be. Lastly, Portsmouth lighthouses are symbols of our maritime history and working port, one of the oldest ports in the country. Like the lighthouse, we hope the Portsmouth NH 400th will stand for future generations. As the slogan says, ‘History lights our way.’”

The Portsmouth NH 400, Inc. Executive Team has also received confirmation of its incorporation from the NH Secretary of State. With Giving Tuesday coming up on November 30 – a day dedicated to making tax-deductible donations to non-profits as the tax year nears its end -- the Team reminds the community they can make tax-deductible donations directly through the City’s secure online payment portal by clicking on the “Donate Now!” button at PortsmouthNH400.org. Donations may be made by electronic check (no fee) or by credit card (the 2.9% fee goes to the service provider and is not retained by the City). All donations to the Fund are tax deductible to the extent the law allows.

Managing Director Valerie Rochon said, “Choosing the official logo and confirming the Portsmouth NH 400, Inc. status with the state is cause for celebration! Moving into Thanksgiving, all of us who are working to make the 400th a success are grateful for the outpouring of interest and support we have received so far. 2022 is right around the corner, which means 2023 is coming at us, sooner than we think. There’s no time to spare for the planning, fundraising and friend-raising it will take to make the 400th Portsmouth’s best birthday, ever.”

The Task Force teams are organized around seven pillars – all of which share the Portsmouth NH 400th goals and the thread of local history. The pillars include Arts/Culture, Military/Maritime, Commerce/Trade, Education, Community/Neighborhoods, Signature Events, and Legacy Projects.  Individuals, businesses and organizations who would like to join the Task Force teams to help steer the programming for the 400th are invited to contact Valerie Rochon at hello@PortsmouthNH400.org 

About Portsmouth NH 400, Inc. (PortsmouthNH400.org)

The goal of Portsmouth NH 400th is to give the community an inclusive opportunity to tell the stories that are important to them, through programs, events, exhibits and legacy projects. Portsmouth NH 400th will celebrate the diverse and animated social, political, intellectual, cultural, economic and spiritual history of Portsmouth from before settlement in 1623 to the present. Portsmouth NH 400th invites individuals and organizations considering programs and events for the Portsmouth NH 400th Anniversary celebration to join the collaborative effort. A key intention is for the Portsmouth NH 400th team to engage the next generation(s) in exploring what the City’s 2023 legacy might be and how they might steward Portsmouth and its history beyond 2023. 


Portsmouth NH 400 logo