Portsmouth City Council Creates Public Art Review Committee, Seeks Members

December 29, 2022

Following the recommendations of the Governance Committee, the Portsmouth City Council has directed the creation of a new Public Art Review Committee (PARC) to assist the City in reviewing proposals for public art and conducting practical assessments of the feasibility of installing and maintaining such art works in the public sphere.

PARC responsibilities include: 

  • Fostering the development and awareness of public art within the City of Portsmouth, and advising the City Manager and City Council with respect to matters relating to the development of public art awareness within the City of Portsmouth;
  • Collaborating with the City on the acquisition, maintenance and marketing of its public art, and developing a stewardship policy and accepting referrals from the City Council or any other public body concerning public art and art issues, generally;
  • Establishing a Public Art Acquisition Policy and guidelines for review of public art, reviewing applications for public art, including sponsored works, following that Policy and advising the City on issues related to its “Percent for Art” policy;
  • Providing input on public art and art issues in connection with Master Plans, zoning ordinances and strategic planning documents and overseeing public art programs established by the City of Portsmouth in accordance with any policies and guidelines either established by the City or established by the Public Art Review Committee at the request of the City Council; and
  • Identifying and soliciting funds to supplement the public art budget and the Public Art Trust, for either temporary or permanent use for the acquisition, maintenance and/or installation of public art.

The PARC will consist of six to ten community volunteers and one member of City staff, whom the City Manager has designated is Sean Clancy, Assistant City Manager for Economic Development. The Committee is now seeking applicants for consideration for appointment. Applicants should demonstrate their experience in the fine arts, architecture, art criticism, engineering or structural analysis, art history, graphic arts, interior design, landscape architecture, town planning, or other art and design-related fields, or who have demonstrated a strong interest in the visual arts and civic improvement. PARC members will be appointed by the Mayor, with approval from the Council, to staggered terms varying from two to three years. The PARC will be chaired by a member of the local arts community for a term of one year, with eligibility for reelection for two additional terms. Interested candidates should complete the application form found on the City Clerk’s webpage and return it as directed.

Go to more information on PARC, including the ordinance’s definition of “public art.” 

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