Portsmouth City Clerk’s Office Now Issuing 2021 Annual Dog Licenses

April 5, 2021

Dog Owners Reminded to Dispose of Pet Waste Properly

As required by State law, all dogs residing in the City of Portsmouth must be licensed. Dog licenses extend from April to April. 

The City Clerk’s Office mailed or emailed dog license renewal notices to the 2500 Portsmouth dog owners, on March 29. Renewal can be done by mail or online. Those who wish to renew in person should make an appointment, as all City services are currently by-appointment-only due to COVID-19 precautions. Please call 610-7245 to schedule an appointment.

Those who need to apply for a dog license for the first time will find more information and the application here: https://www.cityofportsmouth.com/cityclerk/dog-license

Dog waste MUST be disposed of properly. DO NOT drop plastic bags with waste into storm drains as many residents are doing! The whole purpose of picking up and disposing dog waste is to keep it  from polluting the stormwater with excess nitrogen. Take it home and throw the bag in the trash.