City Seeks Residents’ Images of Portsmouth for Use in City Publications

December 16, 2020

City staff are seeking residents’ help in illustrating what life is like in the City of Portsmouth. As staff prepare documents and presentations including the Budget and Annual Report, they like to include photographs of residents taking advantage of the programs, projects, services and “amenities” – both natural and manmade – throughout the City.

Some suggestions for images:

  • Beautiful scenes of the City – all seasons
  • Portsmouth coping with COVID-19 – people in masks, distancing, plexi shields
  • Schools and sports
  • Police or Fire at work
  • Residents interacting with City services
  • City events and holiday celebrations
  • Parks and playgrounds – with and without people
  • Streetscapes, businesses, outdoor dining
  • Kids at play – but please do not submit recognizable photos of children under 12.
  • A picture’s worth 1,000 words. Subject: Portsmouth

To participate in this effort, for the “bragging rights” of seeing their images used as illustrations in City publications, webpages and other materials, residents should submit digital, high-resolution (1M or larger) images to the email,

Please include the photographer’s name, what/who is in the photo, location and when (approximately) the photo was taken. Send only appropriate photos for use in City publications/presentations. By submitting images, the photographer grants the City permission to use them, without compensation, in City documents and/or presentations.