City Announces Installation of Flexible Bollards for Middle Street Bike Lanes

June 28, 2019

City DPW crews will be installing bollards for the Middle Street bike lanes the week of July 1. The bollards are a critical safety feature of the bike lane design, as they serve to keep vehicles out of the bike lanes and to provide protection to bicyclists. In response to concerns expressed regarding the previous bollards, only about half the number of bollards will be installed this year, and will only be placed in critical locations where it is necessary to ensure safety of bicyclists and to guide traffic around parked vehicles. The new bollards will be an upgrade over the original bollards installed last year. The bollards will be 6 inches shorter, one inch wider, and will withstand vehicle collisions without causing harm to vehicles or the bollards. The bollards will be anchored to the pavement with a new system that will allow for much easier removal and installation of the bollards for snow plowing, construction and replacement. Middle Street traffic should expect minor delays during the installation.

For further information, please contact Eric B. Eby, Parking and Transportation Engineer, at 603-766- 1415, or Juliet Walker, Planning Director, at 603-610-7296.

Bollards Middle Street Bike Lane