Welfare Dept. Seeks Donations of School Supplies

August 5, 2020

Since 2006, the Welfare Department has collected back-to-school supplies for area children in need. As always, the goal of this project is to level the playing field as much as possible for students, Pre-K to Post Grad, in the Portsmouth community. In prior years, the Welfare Department accepted the donations of goods at City Hall; but this year changes are necessary in the donation program, as in so many other areas. 

In order to minimize physical interactions, the Welfare Department is asking for donations to be mailed to City Hall instead of being delivered in person. Realizing that this may be an extra burden, the Welfare Department suggests donors might consider supplying gift cards instead. These can be mailed, left in the gray drop box in front of City Hall or, dropped off with the receptionist. Gift cards in small donations, that can be used at any store where school supplies can be purchased are the best choice. Staff will be shopping to fill in any gaps in supplies we may be experiencing.

Please contact Ellen Tully, 610-7267, etully@cityofportsmouth.com with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your generosity.