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Portsmouth Starts iPark/EasyPark Transition
New Users May Now Register Online

Jan. 16, 2013                                                      
Tom Cocchiaro, Parking Operations Supervisor
(603) 766-1440 or (603) 828-3020

PORTSMOUTH, NH - The city has started the process of transitioning  from the iPark in-vehicle parking meter system to EasyPark.  EasyPark provides a convenient way for customers to purchase parking in Portsmouth and Dover with more communities to follow in the future.  Customers pay only for the time they actually park, and avoid having to search for change or stand in line at pay and display terminals.\

As part of that process, Portsmouth owners of the iPark devices may exchange their units for the EasyPark devices at the Portsmouth Department of Public Works through Friday, Jan. 18.  Customers were notified via email last week and have been switching their units since Monday at the city’s public works department located at 680 Peverly Hill Rd. in Portsmouth.  Those who did not receive notification of the transition may exchange their devices through the end of the week.  After that time, units may be exchanged at the parking clerk’s office in the Portsmouth City Hall located at 1 Junkins Ave. in Portsmouth. Details related to the exchange process, and downloadable exchange forms, are available below

Exchange Form (MicroSoft Word .doc Format)

Exchange Form (Adobe Acrobat .pdf Format)

Starting Feb. 1, iPark units will no longer be honored as the access required to update the devices for the new parking rates and time limits is no longer available.  Those who choose not to move to the EasyPark system may apply to receive refunds for the balance of funds displayed on their devices.  Contact Tom Cocchiaro, parking operations supervisor, at (603) 766-1440 or email for details.

Those first-time customers who’d like to purchase an EasyPark unit may do so online by going to Cost for the devices is $19.95 plus shipping.  To help new customers get started right away, the city is providing EasyPark units ordered before July 1 with a $10 pre-loaded credit.  The city is also current working to set up procedures that will allow new customers to purchase the EasyPark devices locally.

For more background on EasyPark and procedures for existing and new customers, please visit






iPark Update

Jan. 9, 2013

The City of Portsmouth recently signed a contract with OTI America of New Jersey for a new in-car parking meter service which we hope to bring online by the end of January.  To that end we have set up an exchange schedule so you can trade your iPark device for the new EasyPark unit.

 The exchange will run from 9 a.m. to noon, Jan. 14-18 in the Portsmouth Department of Public Works Training Room located at 680 Peverly Hill Rd. in Portsmouth.  To complete the exchange, customers must have their current devices with them as well as a completed copy of the exchange form which may be downloaded in MicroSoft Word or Adobe Acrobat format at the following links.

Exchange Form (MicroSoft Word .doc Format)

Exchange Form (Adobe Acrobat .pdf Format)

Those who can’t make it in during the dates provided may exchange devices at the city’s parking clerk’s office window during normal business hours which run from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays;  8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday; and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Fridays.  Exchanging devices outside the scheduled sessions, however, may delay the date former iPark funds are available for use.

After receiving the new EasyPark device, customers will need to go online and register at no “earlier” than 4 p.m., Jan. 21 (for scheduled exchange customers only).  This will give OTI time to pair iPark fund balances with the new EasyPark units.  Fund balances from iPark devices turned in during the exchange, and parking information for Dover and Portsmouth, may be downloaded to EasyPark devices after that time using the supplied OTI USB cable. While waiting to register, customers need only display their “powered-down” devices on the dashboard or mirror to park in the downtown.  Parking enforcement officers will not ticket customers displaying inactivated devices on their dashboards until Feb. 1.

The City of Portsmouth will be providing the new EasyPark devices to existing customers at no cost.  New users may register online, activate and purchase the EasyPark devices for $19.95 directly from OTI.  Administration costs for EasyPark are $1 a month and a nominal charge for uploading additional funds.  Fund load fees are:  $2.95 per load up to $50; $3.45 for $75; and $3.95 per load for $100.  EasyPark devices for new users (does not include iPark exchange customers) will come with a $10 incentive credit through the end of July.

Those with questions may contact Tom Cocchiaro, parking operations supervisor, at (603) 766-1440 or email







iPark Contract Notice

Dec. 3, 2012

The city's contract extension with EasyPark Systems, the provider of the Portsmouth iPark in-car parking meter, expires Nov. 30. While current customers will no longer be able to upload money to their devices after that date, they may continue to use their units until their funds run out. Parking enforcement officers will continue to honor the devices until the new EasyPark system goes into effect.

Over the past several months, the city has been negotiating a contract with OTI International of New Jersey for a new in-car parking meter system.  Those negotiations, the recent Hurricane Sandy aftermath and the city's new parking rate and time limit changes due to go into effect Jan. 2, have all delayed implementation of the new EasyPark System until sometime after the new year.

The contract has been signed by OTI International and is currently moving through the city's final approval process. When the contract is signed by city officials, preparations to implement the new system will begin. The process will take several weeks and will involve the establishment of a website where customers will be able to manage their accounts, the finalization of parking zones and fees, the production and placement of EasyPark Signage and the setup of a sales and exchange process.

Current iPark customers will be able to exchange their devices for the new EasyPark units at no cost when they become available. Those with remaining funds on their old iPark devices will also receive refunds for the balance of funds displayed on their devices. Those with iPark units will need to turn in their devices to get the New EasyPark units at no cost and to be registered for any refunds.

The city greatly appreciates the patience and understanding of its iPark customers during this transition and looks forward to offering increased convenience and an expanded number of locations where the new devices may be used.

Those with questions beyond the scope of this update may contact Tom Cocchiaro, the city's parking operations supervisor, at (603) 766-1440.






 Parking Clerk's Office, City of Portsmouth, 1 Junkins Ave. Portsmouth, NH-03801: Tel: (603) 610 - 7229