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Proof of residency is required by the City of Portsmouth and the State of New Hampshire for new residents to register vehicles. We will accept one of the following documents, as long as it is dated within the past 30 days:

  • Utility Bill
  • Cable Bill
  • Pay Stub
  • Lease Agreement (notarized signatures of tenant and landlord or notarized letter required)
  • Envelope with postal forwarded address

For those residents who are NEW to the State of New Hampshire, you will be required to sign a City of Portsmouth "Residency Affidavit" which will be provided to you by the Tax Office at City Hall.

The State relies on the towns and cities to enforce residency; a resident is someone who has, through all of his actions, demonstrated a current intent to designate that place of abode as his principal place of physical presence for the indefinite future to the exclusion of all others (State of NH RSA 21:6). If the City has concerns about your residency, you may not be permitted to register.

In addition to Proof of Residency, the information below is required if you are a new resident in New Hampshire and have a vehicle currently registered out of state:"

If you do not have a lien on your vehicle:

  • Title of vehicle (All vehicles year 2000 or newer are required to be titled.)
  • Seller's name and address
  • Date of purchase
  • Odometer reading

If you have a lien on your vehicle and lienholder is located outside NH:

  • Registration
  • Lienholder's name and address
  • Date of lien
  • Seller's name and address
  • Date of sale
  • Odometer reading
1999 and Older Vehicles and Trailers > 3000 lbs.
  • Bill of sale (if newly purchased) or out of state registration in registrant's name and one of the following:
  • Valid title
  • Verification of VIN (form 19A)
  • Valid New Hampshire registration

Trailers < 3000 lbs.

  • Trailers < 3000 lbs. required to produce out of state registration or bill of sale (if newly purchased) or certificate of origin (if new)

For more information, please visit: or contact the Tax Office at 603-610-7244.


Snowmobile and OHRV (Off Highway Recreational Vehicle) Registrations

New Hampshire residents and non-residents may now register and renew their Snowmobile and OHRV (Off Highway Recreational Vehicle) and registrations during regular City Hall business hours.  No additional fees apply.   Snowmobile registration fees are discounted for members of a New Hampshire snowmobile club by presenting their official voucher (proof of paid membership) for the current registration year.

Registration Fees/Information:

When registering, the owner:

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age, present a valid driver's license or non-driver photo ID, and apply in person.
  2. Must present a valid NH driver's license or NH non-driver photo ID to qualify for resident rates.
  3. Must provide the following vehicle information:  year of manufacture, make, model, displacement (c.c.), primary and second colors, and VIN.  OHRVs are not titled in New Hampshire—no title, bill of sale or previous registration is required.
  4. Will receive a registration certificate and 2 decals.
  5. Is responsible for verifying that their registration and machine information is correct before leaving the registration agent.
  6. Must affix the decals as required by NH Fish and Game Department.

Questions?  Call 603 610-7244.

The City of Portsmouth Tax Office accepts checks, cash, and credit cards for motor vehicle registration payments A 2.95% service fee ($1.95 minimum) applies to all credit card payments.

  • An ATM is available. $2.25 fee per $400.00 withdrawal



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