The PEEP Program was established in 1980 to provide educational programs for children ages 3 through 5 years of age who have identified educational disabilities. These services are regulated by state and federal law and are provided at no cost to families.
Children are referred to PEEP by parents, physicians, early childhood educators, Early Supports and Services agencies, and others if they have any developmental concerns.   The information provided is reviewed, and any additional information needed is gathered to determine the need for a developmental assessment.  Once completed, a determination of eligibility is made.
PEEP is located a the tDondero Elementary School at 32 Van Buren Ave and works in collaboration with Head Start (HS) and Community Child Care Center (CCCC) to provide early childhood special education services in inclusive classrooms.  Identified students attend HS or CCCC.  Parents can access full time childcare, preschool, or Head Start depending on their needs.

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