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Your Help is needed!
As many of you may already know, the Portsmouth PLUS programs are facing a large deficit next year when funding from the Nellie Mae Education foundation will cease to exist. In light of that we are calling upon our community to help us in our fundraising efforts. Without your support the Portsmouth PLUS programs will not be available for future middle school students.

Homework ClubThe Homework Club has record numbers of youth participating in after school study sessions. To date, 200 students are enrolled. Each day an average of 57 students benefit from small group study sessions with teachers! Students who participate in the homework club meet right after school, grab a healthy snack, and then find their way to classrooms staffed by teachers to work on organizing and completing assignments.  It’s always a relief to know homework is complete, lessons are clarified, and questions are answered before going to sports, home, or enrichments! Students are welcome to join homework club at any time during the year.

Your donations keep us running! For more information on how they do, visit our sustainability section.

Every contribution helps us develop Portsmouth Middle School students as life-long learners and contributing citizens.