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Homework ClubDear Portsmouth PLUS! student investor,
When a child who was failing scurries up on report card day to show off their marks, we know our program has an impact. It shows in the relieved sighs and chins held high. It shows on the Merit Card lists and the lack of students appearing on the Teachers’ “work owed” lists. You too can see the difference when you stroll along the streets of downtown Portsmouth in the late afternoon. Teenagers are mysteriously missing. They are studying for tomorrow; building organizational skills they will need throughout their lives. They are challenging their physical, creative, and social limits too; preparing to become confident contributing adults.

Supporting the Portsmouth PLUS! after school program is an immediate and long term investment in the future.  Some of your employees are the parents of students who attend the Middle School. Perhaps you are the parent of a teenager.  The knowledge that children are spending their after school time in the care of professional educators provides care givers peace of mind- a treasured commodity when raising adolescents.

Your commitment to these students is needed. Without support from our local businesses we would not be able to provide rich academic, artistic, and physical activities for our youth. When we tell adults about our program we often hear “I wish there was something like that around when I was in Middle school”. Please help continue making these wishes a reality. Thank you for your generous nature and care for the youth of our community!


Kristen O’Connor-Gunn                 John Stokel                              
Portsmouth PLUS! Director           Principal