Middle School, 155 Parrott Ave, Portsmouth ,NH 03801 Grades 6 - 8 Enrollment: 558 Phone: (603) 436-5781 FAX: (603) 427-2326
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Portsmouth Middle School,
155 Parrott Ave,
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Grades 6 - 8 Enrollment: 558
Phone: (603) 436-5781
FAX: (603) 427-2326

Principal -Phillip Davis
Assistant Principal - Tim Hodgdon

Guidance Counselors -
Deane Beman, Laura Bonner, Ben Utter

School Resource Officer -
Detective Timothy J. Cashman

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Our Mission is to serve nutritious meals at affordable prices in a customer friendly atmosphere.

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Last Name First Name Position E-Mail address
Davis Phillip Principal pdavis@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Hodgdon Tim Asst.Principal thodgdon@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Cashman Timothy SRO tcashman@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Dube Patty Principal Secretary pdube@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Yeaton Meg Office Secretary myeaton@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Severson Laurel Secretary lseverson@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Beman Dean Guidance dbeman@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Bonner Laura Guidance lbonner@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Casperson Kathy Nurse kcasperson@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
6th grade Teachers Team Discovery
Blouch Jody English jblouch@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Jones Amy Science ajones@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Wood Chris Resource cwood@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
O'Connor-Gunn* Kristen Social Studies koconnorgunn@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Rice Meghan Math mrice@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
6th grade Teachers Team Odyssey
Scala             Annie Math ascala@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Conti* Neal Social Studies nconti@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
McElroy Will Science wmcelroy@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Jean Jim Resources jjean@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Winslow Cassandra English cwinslow@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
7th grade Teachers Team Navigators
Barone** Laura Science lbarone@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Dudman Allyson Resource adudman@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Ellis* Marian English mellis@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Chicooree* Andrea Math achicooree@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Crane Emily Social Studies ecrane@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
7th grade Teachers Team Voyagers
Garganta** Jocelyn Social Studies jgarganta@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Kwesell** Christine Math ckwesell@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Provost* Melissa English mprovost@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Ruel Peter Science pruel@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Butler Fiona Resource fbutler@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
8th grade Teachers Team Foley
Bakkom Erin Social Studies ebakkom@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Van Uden* Kristi Resource kvanuden@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Howard Valerie Math vhoward@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Langton Amy English alangton@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Sweeney Kristen Science KSweeney@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
8th grade Teachers Team Piscataqua
Capone Marybeth English mbcapone@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Curtin* Kathleen Social Studies kcurtin@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Jones Deb Resource djones@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Hass Ashley Math ahass@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Rose* Chris Science crose@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Unified Arts
Nuttall Anna Art anuttall@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Shea Deirdre Art dshea@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Stewart Bryan Computer Education BStewart@portsmouth.k12.nh.us





Johannessen Olin Chorus ojohannessen@portsmouth.k12.nh
Randall Courtney Music crandall@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Cirillo Steve Music scirillio@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Houser Ruth Family & Consumer rhouser@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Foley Kathleen Family & Consumer mgaulin@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Mulready Patty Spanish pross@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Siegel Jennie French jsiegel@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Marquette Joe French jsiegel@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
He Ruili Chinese rhe@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Hong Shan Shan Chinese shong@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Moore Kelly Library kmoore@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Mickela Tara Library tMickela@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Birse-Siegel** Kathy PE & Health kbirse@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Denning Tom PE & Health tdenning@portsmouth.k12.nh
Mitchell Matt PE & Health mmitchell@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Burbine Laura Wellness Coordinator lburbine@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
James Martin Tech Ed mjames@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Guy* Clifton Tech Ed cguy@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Support Staff
Kahan Cathy School Psychologist ckahan@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Paradis Jessica Alternative Learning Program JParadis@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Martell Jeff Special Education Coordinator jmartell@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Bouzakine Lindsay Kids Program lbouzakine@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Robichaud Emily English Language Learners ERobichaud@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
Murphy Laurie Speech Pathologist lmurphy@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
* team leader
** department head



Portsmouth Middle School Basketball Tryouts 2016 -2017


Portsmouth Middle School Basketball 2016-2017



Portsmouth Middle School Athletics
Fall Sports Schedule 2016


Game Time

Bus Leaves/

Saturday, October 22

Cross Country State Meet @ Londonderry High School



Monday, October 24

Field Hockey @ Marshwood



Tuesday, October 25

Field Hockey vs Newburyport


*Turf Field

Wednesday, October 26

Girls Varsity Soccer @ Marshwood
Boys Varsity Soccer @ Marshwood



Note: For any questions regarding the Athletic Schedule, please call
Middle School Athletic Director Barry Foley @ 603 817-9483.