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All freshman taking Formal Geometry are placed in the same sections. Honors classes are offered in Algebra II, Algebra III, and Precalculus. For the honors courses and Advanced Placement Calculus, students apply and are selected by the Math Department based upon grades and teacher recommendation.
During April, which is Math Education Month, the Math Department offers special activities including problem of the week, design-a-T-shirt contest and a poetry contest. The Math League meets twice monthly and competes at surrounding schools eight times a year.

Computer labs, math software, and scientific and graphing calculators are available for use in all level classes. All students are required to take at least three math courses. We, however, recommend that students take a math course every year.

The Faculty

Amanda Waite - Department Head
Stephen Barry
Eric Chasse
Jenifer Fitt
Matthew Gladu
Kara Kelley
Mike Lyford
Christine MacDonald-Lantz
Andrew Mather
Michael Rowe
Tobey Schoff
Kristine Wade
Wynn Welch